IKHOUSE Building is the branch company of IKH Italia srl that deals with the conception, design, development and release of integrated and innovative dry building systems, made ​​in Italy, with steel bearing structure. 


The characteristics and advantages of our construction systems virsus the traditional systems are numerous and are described in the following.


The construction systems for building IKHOUSE include:

Bearing structure - columns, beams and slabs or light steel frame system

Partitions - external and internal dry walls

Dry underfloors

Normal ceilings, radiant ceilings, radiant ceilings, air conditioning radiant ceilings, air conditioning radiant ceiling with air renewal.

IKHOUSE systems are suitable even for any type of building renovation .

Our mission is to give added value to the architectural designers and builders, to which we provide a set of services related to the design and installation of our building systems in addition to know-how on systems designed by us; we take care of the adaptation of architectural design, structural design and plant design, in site pre-assembly system design (dedicated to large construction projects), the development of the list of each material and component with the times of installation and related economic evaluations.


The prefabrication done on site allows you to assemble modular slabs, internal and external walls, completed with fixtures and equipment.


Manufacturers, using the systems IKHOUSE, purchase their materials directly to the source, or by our own suppliers, paying to IKH Italia Ltd only the cost of the services requested.


This policy allows manufacturers to have low costs with an increase in their market competitiveness.

The IKHOUSE Building work on the global market.

We employ a group of professionals with different backgrounds and experience, wich are able to follow every step of the project, from conception to planning the work and management of supplies .

The long experience gained by the members of our staff, makes our company unique in this market.

Contact us via e-mail to info@ikhousebuilding.com or by phone at +39 051 728044 for further information or any request regarding advice and assistance in the realization of your project.


Some concepts


How could the buildings be:


  • designed to improve functional, contructive and envronmental impact features

with low mass because:

  • less structural and seismic hazard
  • don’t waste unnecessary energy to heat or cool the mass with an immediately steady


  • air permeable (air renewal is ensure by controlled mechanical ventilation instead of permeable casing


  • air conditioning radiant systems with low delta temperature and air renewal with energy recovering
  • LED lamps in every room
  • tap with flushing control


Our contact details


Tel. +39 051 72 89 83

Cell. +39 351 580 61 46

Email. ikh-italia@ikhouse.it